Tom Rowley



Q: You were pretty elusive as a quarterback in high school. What was your 40 time?

A: To be honest I don't remember my 40 time from high school its been a while. But I have been told quite a few times that I compare to Usain Bolt. 

Q: You are exceptionally good at coaching children. How do you do it?

A: I have a younger brother so I think that contributes to my coaching abilities. Otherwise I just like to have fun and try to remember what it is like to be their age. 

Q: You’re a huge NY Giants fan. Some years, it’s good and some years it’s not so good. How do you channel your frustration?

A: I have loved the Giants my whole life. My grandfather and dad had season tickets for 50 years. More often than not I loose my mind watching the games but its worth it for the recent super bowls (although its been a few years). I usually channel my frustration by yelling into pillows or I just spend most of my Sunday's sulking. 

Q: How would having a fully funded U.S. Ski Team affect your career in mogul skiing?

 A: Having a fully funded team would mean a lot to our whole team. It is tough to find jobs that fit our busy schedules and usually you can't stay long enough to earn enough money for our pricey seasons. Having funding would not only take pressure off of me to fully focus on skiing but it would be even more meaningful for my parents who sacrifice a lot to pay for my skiing.

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