Troy Murphy



Q: Can you tell us some of your favorite unique Maine phrases and explain what they mean?:

A: •   "Ayuh" - A positive affirmation, basically meaning yes

•   "it'da'been'ah'bear'da'bit'cha" - Translates to: If it had been a bear it would have bitten you, meaning that what you were looking for was right in front of your nose.

•   "She's a fowah bangah but she pulls like a six" – When you drive a 4-cylinder car but swear it has enough power to be a 6-cylinder.

•   “Stove up” – Broken – “I drove my snowmachine right inta the puckah’ brush now shes all stove up.”

Q: How’s the skiing in the 49th state? Can you tell us about your spring skiing adventures?

A: Alaska is by far my favorite place to ski in the world. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to be in those mountains, those who have been know what I mean. I’m pretty much addicted to skiing there now, and am getting ready to make my 4th trip up! I’ll fly into Anchorage and get an RV and a snowmobile, then drive over to Thompson Pass just outside of Valdez for a couple weeks of the most insane powder and big mountain skiing I’ve ever done. On the way out we’ll resell the sled we bought and when it’s all said and done the trip is actually pretty cheap!

Q: How would having a fully funded U.S. Ski Team affect your career in mogul skiing?

A: At this level of competition there are so many things that I have to make sure I’m on top of if I want to be successful. When I’m trying to train full time and focus 100% on improving and performing, raising upwards of $30,000 per year to pay for my season can be quite daunting and distracting. If our team was fully funded it would take a lot of stress and distraction out of what we do, and would enable us to hone in even closer to what is going to make us successful.

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