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Q: Growing up in Steamboat, did you ever dive into the world of horseback riding?

A: No I never quite dove into the wonderful world of horseback riding! However, it does run in the family. My mom rode equestrian for years while she was growing up. She competed and loved doing it! When she moved from her hometown she stopped and just never got going again. It is an expensive endeavor and takes a lot of practice. I did do some horseback riding while I was young but it never really interested me much. I do like horses but they are also kinda big and scary...I'm more comfortable on a mogul course, as backward as that may sound!

Q: We heard you were the saddest boy in the world when the Broncos got smoked by the Seahawks in the Superbowl. How do you feel now that they are 2016 Superbowl Champs?

A: Yeah I was pretty bummed when the Broncos lost in the Superbowl a few years ago. Especially because I was about the only Bronco fan amidst a crowd of very pumped up Seahawk fans. So when we finally won this year I felt completely elated and relieved! It was awesome to watch our defense play so well and really carry our team through such a tough game. I have been basking in the victory ever since. I can't stop watching videos of post game interviews, fan reactions, and of course footage of the parade held in Denver to celebrate the big win. I'm still trying to soak it in! Now I'd love to see the Avs, Rockies, or Nuggets get some rings! I suppose I shouldn't be greedy though...

Q: How would having a fully funded U.S. Ski Team affect your career in mogul skiing?

A: Having a fully funded mogul team would be so incredible and absolutely change my career. Being unfunded is almost unmanageable. As a part of the US Ski Team you get tons of opportunities to travel around the world in search of both training and competition. Without funding, these trips are financially draining. Athletes like myself must cover various costs of air travel, lodging, lift tickets and food. With these expenses in mind I must take time away from training during the offseason to find jobs to offset these prices. I also look to other sources such as crowdfunding in hopes of making enough money to get me through just one season. This process is not only very stressful and distracting, but it also forces me to give up valuable training time. Having a fully funded team would mean that I could focus 100% on skiing and not have to worry about whether I'll be able to afford it or not. This would improve my morale, which would lead to better training, which then would lead to better results. Having this funding would help me become a better athlete!

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