Morgan Schild


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Q: What’s better? Being the dumbest smart person, or smartest dumb person?

A: Dumbest smart person. Because your still smart.

Q: What is your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert is ice cream. Chocolate Moose tracks.

Q: You have started getting your college credits during your recovery from ACL reconstruction. How was it taking classes with Hannah Kearney? Who got better grades?

A: Taking classes with HK was really fun actually. We took a personal finance class and I think I was the only person that knew she was an Olympic gold medalist. I sort of felt like I was keeping her superhero identity a secret. As far as grades go, I thought a 99 was a great grade, but Hannah found a way to win the class and get a 103% I believe. Like how is that possible? Her competitiveness is still alive and well. 

Q: How would having a fully funded U.S. Ski Team affect your career in mogul skiing?

A: Having a fully funded team would of made my rookie season much easier to get through financially. That first season, I was on the C-team and there was no team funding for me. I ended up traveling the second half of the world cup circuit and paying for every competition travel and accommodations. Until I won the world cup, the next season looked uncertain, not knowing exactly how to pay for it. Having a fully funded roster would give us peace of mind and a better ability to focus solely on the competition with out the fear that a bad weekend isn't going to cost us our funding.