Mikaela Matthews



Q: If you had to choose between chewing like a horse or smelling like tire air for the rest of your life, which would it be?

A: I think I would have to go with chewing like a horse. Horses seem pretty happy, right? Tires on the other hand…

Q: Tell us about playing “Matilda” as a child.

A: Playing Matilda was a fun role. Ms. Trunchbull is just as bad in person as she is on screen. Unfortunately, my magic seemed to disappear as soon as the cameras stopped filming. 

Q: How would having a fully funded U.S. Ski Team affect your career in mogul skiing?

A: A fully funded U.S. Ski Team is the ultimate dream! It takes so much pressure off the season, and off each individual competition. It also helps to level the playing field - training camps are just as expensive as the World Cup Tour, and are arguably just as important. Without the money necessary to attend each training camp, an athlete can miss out on so much potential to improve. 

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