Our Mission


Our Mission


Our Mission


ID One Foundation is dedicated to supporting freestyle mogul athletes in reaching their full potential. 

Our Impact


ID One Foundation assists freestyle mogul athletes throughout the United States as they pursue their dreams to reach their next competitive level by providing financial support with training costs, equipment, competition fees, travel expense, personal development and education.


Our Goals


- Help the U.S. Mogul team reach the status of fully a funded team

- ID One Foundation is committed to completely eliminating the costs for training, competition, travel, lodging and living expenses that team athletes must personally pay to the U.S. Ski Team.  These athletes get a chance to represent the United States all over the world and, unlike most countries, they receive no government funding.  Most of the National Team (about 60%) must pay their way on their own.  In order to compete with the rest of the world these athletes must train nearly 7 hours a day and 5 days a week and somewhere after training they have to raise the money needed to pay for their next camp or event.  This burden they have, constantly worrying if they will have enough funding for the next season, becomes a major distraction.  Eliminating this will give these young men and women the time needed for a full recovery so they can reach their full potential as elite athletes.

- Inspire Future Generations of Freestyle Mogul Skiers

- Promote the Sport of Freestyle Moguls


ID One Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN #46-2939264.